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Peluche Personnalisée

Customized Plush

a promotional and advertising plush that looks like you !

With the largest selection of customizable plush toys on the web and our advanced technology in textile personalization, you will finally be able to adopt a plush toy of your own.

What is Customized Plush?

It is the personalization of a plush with your logo guaranteeing you a successful promotional plush and that looks like you. Offer your customers or employees an original corporate gift.

A personalized plush is a plush with the addition of a text or a logo. They are most often promotional plush toys or advertising plush toys. A personalized plush can be given away at commercial events or sold for a souvenir store or an amusement park for example.

Always appreciated by children and adults alike, a personalized plush toy is an ideal goodie for promoting your brand image that is both touching, decorative and promotional.

Find our selection of advertising plush right here

Guarantees and services of Customized Plush

Compliance CE standards

We guarantee that all our plush toys are CE and EN 71-1,2,3 compliant. These regulations ensure that your plush toy complies with the safety standards in force and is distributed throughout Europe.

Delivery within 3 weeks

Your promotional plush toys will be delivered within 3 weeks to the address of your choice. (Depending on the quantity ordered)(Estimated delivery time)

Customization choices

You choose the plush customization: embroidery, label, accessory, printing. Be careful, each plush has its own marking constraints.

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Lot de peluches chien personnalisées

How to personalize a plush ?

1. You choose the model of plush you want to personalize among our hundreds of models.

2. We choose together the plush customization the most adapted to your project by taking into account the constraints of the plush (embroidery, label, accessory, printing).

3. We prepare your order and deliver within 3 weeks.

To make it easier to find the plush model you want, they are divided into several categories:  all plush, plush keychains, Christmas plush, plush cuddly toys, plush animals, plush objects, plush backpack.

The different personalization techniques

A plush is said to be personalized or marked following the addition of a text or a logo, this can be done in several ways with different marking techniques.

The personalization of plush can be done by :

  • A direct marking on the plush

  • A marking on the label of the plush

  • Adding an embroidery on the plush

  • The addition of an accessory (such as a bandana or t-shirt) that is personalized

  • Adding a tag or a bossing.

Each customizable plush has its own constraints and specifications for personalization. These different personalization techniques include screen printing, embroidery, digital printing, etc.
différentes techniques de personnalisations de peluches

In order to guarantee you low prices on both the plush and the personalization, we have a minimum of orders(100 pieces).

Who can benefit from our offers of customized plush toys ?

The set of customizable plush toys to CE standards are intended for all actors wishing to have and distribute a plush toy that looks like them with a personalized logo marking.

  • A fox or wolf plush for example for a sports club to supply the supporters’ store (club plush).
  • A plush for a company gift for its customers or employees, whether it is a small business or a larger company for the end of the year celebrations for example.
  • An association plush toy to be distributed or resold during events (association plush toy) whether it is a BDE or a CE (works council plush toy).
  • A plush for the promotion of a brand and its animations and marketing events (advertising plush).
  • A plush toy sold in amusement parks or tourist souvenir stores (personalized souvenir plush toy).
  • Or a plush to accompany individuals during private events such as weddings or other parties (party plush).
Peluche personnalisable hippopotame. Peluche personnalisée hippo.

Example of a plush customization

Customized christmas teddy bear. Customized christmas teddy bear with logo.

Here is an example of personalization of one of our teddy bears for the Christmas period. Ideal for company committees, trees or Christmas markets for example.

With his hat and his Christmas t-shirt, he represents the spirit of this holiday. You just have to add your logo with our different personalization techniques to make him a commercial asset that will please the greatest number of people.